Action For Kids

Why Action For Kids

We provide accessible and inclusive activities for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
We organise exciiting and unique fundraising events in central London locations.
AFK Beach Canary Wharf - the UKs only charity pop-up beach volleyball event won the most innovative charity event award at last years Charity Event Awards
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Action For Kids, 15A Tottenham Lane
London N8 9DJ
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About us:

Children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities face huge barriers to physical, social and financial inclusion. We want eveyone living with a disability to live the life they choose. and provide a range of services to improve health, enagnce skills and raise aspirations.


Mobility Equipment Service

Research by the Department for Work and Pensions has revealed there are approximately 360,000 children and young people aged 0-24 who have a disability that affects their mobility. One of their needs is appropriate equipment which enables mobility, specifically specialist powered and manual wheelchairs with bespoke seating and postural support for each individual. Whilst NHS wheelchair services provide wheelchairs, the criteria for receiving a powered/manual wheelchair are strict and many young people who have some, but very limited mobility do not qualify. Further, many NHS powered, and manual wheelchairs are not bespoke enough and do not provide appropriate (and medically necessary) postural support for those who have very complex needs. Our mobility service t addressesthis need and supports disabled children and young people by funding specialist mobility equipment not provided on the NHS. This includes powered and manual wheelchairs, specialist trikes, buggies, power packs and power assists, walkers, and portable hoists. Having appropriate equipment enables disabled children and young people to build their independence and confidence as it is a resource through which one can be supported to access the world around them. The feedback we continue to receive from our beneficiaries stress the importance of their equipment and the impact it has had on their independence, mental and emotional health, and social life. We also crucially cover all maintenance and repair costs.


Working With Disability Progamme

Young people with special educational needs & disabilities face huge employment inequalities. Of the UK’s 1.4m learning disabled people, just 6% are in paid work. 16-18 year-olds are at least twice as likely as non-disabled to be not in education employment or training and by 26, four times more likely to be unemployed. We look at all the barriers and deliver training & opportunities to increase skills and aspirations so work is a real option. We consider individual skills, preferences and learning style and work together to fill the gaps in their CV, source relevant placements and help with finding and staying in work. We support the employer and employee and have negotiated working interviews for those ready to fill a vacancy but perhaps unable to ‘pass’ an initial application process.


School Holiday Activity Scheme

We provide accessible school holiday activities where children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities can meet new people and try new things in a safe and inclusive environment. 

We offer a wide range of activities, led by the choices of our participants. For example:

  • Sports, including cycling, trampolining, swimming, yoga, horse riding, climbing, martial arts and basketball
  • Music, including music production, singing in the vocal booth and playing musical instruments
  • Performance arts, including drama, street dance and circus skills
  • Visual arts & crafts
  • Digital / multimedia – animation, film-making, vlogs and podcasts, games design, coding
  • Other activities include cooking, hair and beauty, photography, horticulture, cinema and farm trips


How you can help

Sponsoring a charity event, fundraising for us or donating to any of our programmes will ensure that a disabled child or young person will get the equipment, training and support they need to reach their potential. 

  • 81% of the money we raise goes right back into our services to support disabled children and young people.

    We spend as much of the money donated by our generous supporters directly on helping young disabled people as possible. This breaks down as follows:

    For every £10 donated:

    £3.20 goes towards getting young disabled people into paid work;

    £2.83 goes towards preparing disabled students for life after school;

    £2.11 is spent on our mobility equipment project;

    £1.50 is spent on fundraising for the next £10;

    £0.36 is spent on governance.