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1. Be part of our #HockeyFamily - align on values!
2. Support #Street2Elite development - solve a social issue!
3. Raise brand awareness through the #SkaterHockey community – access a wider customer marketplace!
BISHA Default location
Prince Philip Barracks, Budds Lane
Bordon Hampshire GU35 0JB
United Kingdom
Hampshire GB

About us:

Why Partner with BISHA?


Be part of our #HockeyFamily - align on values!

Be part of a wider family that cares for each other and play a key role in our hockey family, helping us shape the sport for our future generations. We are sure this will be socially rewarding and demonstrate your brands values and social responsibility. The British Inline Skater Hockey Association (BISHA) believe that family, and community should be at the centre of what we do. As with any family the youngest and newest in sport are the focus of our attention as we try to nurture them through to adolescent and give them every opportunity to succeed and have fun along the way. The adults and veterans who have skated the path are encouraged to give back to the sport so that collectively we build the sport together and grow and develop as one family.


Support #Street2Elite development - solve a social issue!

Help people develop and live a heathy and fulfilling life by supporting us to create opportunities to play at every level and allow all our members to benefit from those opportunities that may otherwise not be available. This would allow your brand access to supporting kids and street development through to elite level and national team programmes. British Inline Skater Hockey was officially recognised as a UK Sport in the 1980’s and was formerly known as Street Hockey played in Inner Cities. As the sport evolved so did the International Organisation (IISHF) and since the 1990’s BISHA have had Great British squads compete at International Level collecting many medals at all age groups. Whilst we are very proud of our national teams, we equally believe strongly that the street is where it’s at! Street to us, refers both to our heritage and our youngest and newest members adopting the sport in it’s purest and most humble form. The ball gives our sport the unique ability to be enjoyed in parks, car parks, playgrounds, and any appropriate street. We encourage all levels of participation and are working hard to expand our offering from street to elite levels.


Raise Brand Awareness through the #SkaterHockey community – access a wider customer marketplace!

We can provide an opportunity to align or market your brand with a growing community that will see and engage with the value you bring - As a tight knit community there is real potential that your support could influence not only our members, and fans but also the direction of the sport and the roller sports community! As the national Governing Body of Inline Skater Hockey in the UK we have an online following of around 3.3k and a wider reach within Hockey Community circa 20k which includes a network of member countries in Europe and wider under the international federation. BISHA are also a member of the British Roller Sports Federation which means we are also directly connected to all roller sports in the UK.


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Our Aspirations 


1. To become the UK most widely participated sport and brand

2. Grow the membership our 1000+ members and become a recognised sport

3. Develop more local, street level opportunities and support our clubs growth

4. Help our club and national teams be consistently successful at the elite levels of our sport

5. Reunite the roller sport and skating community



Why we do it?

The British Inline Skater Hockey Association is a collective of volunteers driven by a passion for Inline skater hockey and the objective to shape sport to be accessible, inclusive, and rewarding for all members whatever the level of engagement. We take pride in our effort to support the development of people in fun and safe environments.

We are on a mission to raise the profile of inline skater hockey, increase engagement and participation, and see its vibrant community flourish again. We want to take any sponsor on this journey with us and provide growth in return.

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 426,400 )


Club Type: 
Inline Skater
European Championships
National (UK)
Club Colours: 
Blue, White Red
Number of Pitches: 
3 - 5
Membership size: 
500 - 1,000
Average weekly attendance: 
50 - 250


Number of Players: 
500 - 1000
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
5 - 11
12 - 18
19 – 24
25 – 34
35 – 44
45 – 54
55 – 64
Social demographics: 
A - Upper middle class
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class
E - Those at lowest level of subsistence


Car Park
Changing Rooms - Female
Changing Rooms - Male
Changing Rooms - Officials
In-house Sponsorship / Commercial Team
Pitch Side Hoarding
Venue Hire