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What's happening at SNAP? What are clubs and businesses achieving with sponsorship? More about the world of sponsorship.......

SNAP recently sat down with Martin McKenna, Match Secretary of Saint Anthony’s FC, to find out what the club’s experience had been since joining SNAP.

"SNAP has made the whole onboarding process really smooth"

"I have just signed up for a second SNAP profile for another club im involved in, Hawley Amateur Boxing Club, I was able to secure a grant from SPORT ENGLAND to fund this"

Rachel Bower

Head Coach

Rathbone Amateur Boxing Gym

The #TeamSNAP WhatsApp Community Group is a space to enable like-minded volunteers from across the UK to help one another, share best practice and ask questions.

The group is full of people in the same boat as you – looking for sponsors. Please be aware that this is not a forum to advertise your sponsorship opportunities.

Please feel free to share personal experiences of what has or has not worked for you to ensure we all continue to learn how best to make sponsorship work.

"The Account Management service provided by SNAP really makes a difference"

"With SNAP there is nothing to hold you back apart from yourself!"

Colin Baxter

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer

West Essex CC

SNAP recently sat down with Matthew Bird, Chairman of Hethersett & Tas-Valley CC, to find out what the club’s experience had been since joining SNAP.