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Inspiring Grace 

We are a positive community action group working in the Pendle and Burnley areas to provide activities that improves the wellbeing and lives of the local community. Our main projects include a foodbank, weekly sports programmes, a scouts club and other educational activities and workshops for local people. 


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We setup as a charity organisation in Pendle in 2011 with an objective of improving the physical wellbeing and opportunities for local people. The first sport we started delivering was Archery and quickly grew the club and membership and become affiliated with ArcheryGB as Nelson Archery Club. We have since delivered sessions on a weekly basis and now our instructors still deliver beginner sessions as well as working with local groups, scouts, schools and colleges to help more people learn the sport. 

Alongside our archery club we wanted to help more people to get into the countryside and improve their health at the same time, so we explored horse riding and care sessions which we continue to run in the summer months. We also run a scouts club which provides the same opportunities of getting the best of the great outdoors with the next generation of young people in our area. 

Our next sports venture was to setup a freestyle wrestling club in 2014 and we worked with one of our partners Greensville Trust to run a series of taster sessions. We soon discovered the local community had a real appetite with the sport and worked with British Wrestling to setup a club which is now running 3 sessions a week and attracting a good number of members. We also take groups of athletes across the country to respresent the club and compete for medals. 

Our multi sport offering also includes the sports of Swimming and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We deliver 2 sessions of each sport every week and are delighted with the response we are getting from disadvantaged communities.