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SALTO Gymnastics Club

Why SALTO Gymnastics Club

SALTO is moving forward into the next exciting phase its development to Resume, Rebuild and Renew post COVID.
SALTO Centre is a state of the art, dedicated, fully equipped, gymnastics and leisure facility, delivering high quality training, at affordable cost, to as many local children and young people.
SALTO Centre's extended closure has placed a severe strain on club finance. External support is vital to ensure the charity is financially sustainable and sponsorship is a vital component of our new funding mix.
SALTO Gymnastics Club Default location
Salto Centre, 98 Camford Way
Luton Bedfordshire LU3 3AN
United Kingdom
Bedfordshire GB

About us:

SALTO Gymnastics Club

Formed out of 3 clubs who’s history date back to the 1970s. These clubs were brought together and formed a charity in 1995 with the long term objective of building a dedicated gymnastics facility. This was achieved in 2004 with the purchase of the SALTO Centre. It took a global pandemic to stop SALTO's impressive growth record! SALTO will recover from COVID and return to its path as we #Resume, Rebuild and Renew.

We believe that we enhance community cohesion and demonstrates our Public Benefit as a charity. We also believe sponsorship of our club will deliver value based on a marketing investment for financial return, it will make a positive contribution to your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, or simply you may want to become involved for the love of the club.

SALTO is seeking to build a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our supporters.

Whatever your motivation, find out more below. Thank you for visiting our profile.

Why Sponsor Us?


We have created a state of the art, dedicated gymnastics and leisure centre, with capacity to not only deliver gymnastics classes but is also a community resource for many other activities, sports clubs, collaboration with schools and charities working with children with special needs ans last but not least is a venure hosting club, local, "school games", regional competitions as well as a centre of excellence for coach education courses.

Your business can help in several ways financially as well as non-financial support. We are certain that associating your firm with SALTO Gymnastics Club will be mutually beneficial, ranging from but are not limited to:

- Raise the profile of your brand by reaching and engaging with new audiences

- Increase awareness of your organisation, its products and services

- Create association with the excellence, independence and credibility that a charity like ours provides

- logo & link on social media posts and websites pages

- captive audience of club members for exclusive business promotions or club events.


SALTO is striving to secure the long-term sustainability of the club for future generations as well as diversifying the funding base of the club. Historically the main income has come from membership subscriptions and primary purpose trading, related to non-core gymnastics activities. SALTO Gymnastics Club is organised as a UK Registered Charity and, as such, is run on a not-for-profit basis, for the benefit of the 1000+ children and young people, that come to the SALTO Centre to learn Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) skills.  SALTO is more than just gymnastics. This contributes to club's charitable work to make the gymnastics training, of as many children and young people, by being as affordable as possible, within Luton and the surrounding Towns and Villages, our area of benefit. The SALTO Centre is located in an unlikely setting on the Camford Way Industrial Estate, Sundon Park, surrounded by a number of industrial and distribution businesses.

The club has a flexible approach to sponsorship, developed a range of sponsorship opportunities to enhance your business by becoming a valued partner and supported of all that SALTO does and represents. We are willing to discuss ideas of how sponsorship can work for SALTO and our potential sponsors.

The present

Your support is especially important at this time. The extended closure of the SALTO Centre due to COVID19 from March 2020 to July 2021has placed a severe strain on club finances.  We have had to abandon our plans to mark the Charity's silver anniversary in 2020. We are seeking corporate sponsors to go forward with us into the next phase of our development and hope you will want to be part of that bright future.

The club still retains the family ethos from the day the club founded with the inevitable changes to governance and management a charity of our standing now requires. There is an embedded passion for Gymnastics and taking strides to refresh aspects of the club across the board.

Full details regarding recent achievements can be found in the Trustee Annual Report that is available to download from the Charity Commission or SALTO’s website We believe that we enhance community cohesion and contributes to our need to show Public Benefit as a charity and social responsibility for our sponsors.


Membership size: 
1,000 - 5,000
Average weekly attendance: 
1000 - 5000
Age Band: 
Under 18
5 - 11
12 - 18
19 – 24
Social demographics: 
A - Upper middle class
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class
E - Those at lowest level of subsistence


Car Park
Changing Rooms - Female
Changing Rooms - Male
Connectivity (wifi)
Disabled access
Gated Entrance
Own Ground - Freehold
Roadside Signage
Stands (Seating)
Tea / Dining Room
Venue Hire