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At Blackheath Rhinos our goal is to create an environment where your children feel supported enough to do all of this and more.
Family orientated and child focussed.
Equal playing time and engaging football training.
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98 Hervey Road
London SE3 8BU
United Kingdom

About us:


About Us:

Blackheath Rhino’s is a family orientated, inclusive football club which offers quality coaching in an enjoyable, safe environment. We believe that football has the power to influence, inspire and positively affect each player and because of this belief we pride ourselves on giving each and every child the individual attention and support they need to reach their full potential. In our team, each member will be given the space, the encouragement and the skills they need to improve their ability as a football player and as a member of a team, a community and a family.

Why Sponsor Us?

At the forefront of our philosophy lies family. Blackheath Rhino’s started as a small, family run business with the hopes of bringing together a community by sharing a love of football.

We believe sponsorship of our club will deliver value based on a marketing investment for financial return, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), or for the love of the club.

Whatever your motivation, find out more below. Thank you for visiting our profile.


The club has a wide range of teams, from u5 to u14's, both girls and boys. This combined with their parents, gives a strong audience base for your brand to be promoted against. 


As a club we understand the importance and power of social media today. We aim to grow our social channels, particularly Twitter which is relatively new to us, to promote our fixtures and sponsors also. Facebook is currently our most popular platform, and is a great platform to spread brand awareness for our sponsors!


We compete in the South East London and Kent League, which is an FA-recognised Sunday League competition and one of the most popular in London. 

The club has a flexible approach to sponsorship, with perks ranging from but are not limited to:

- logo & link on social media posts and websites pages

-  physical advertisement on club assets, providing exposure to players and spectators which will also be advertised through our social media 

- opportunities to advertise at club events, to an audience wider than our existing membership base

- invites to community events

Alternative/supplementary perks can be arranged through negotiation dependent on the level of sponsor commitment, budget and your business objectives.

We are committed to giving you and your company the exposure and promotion you deserve. We recognise that without your support many of our club members would not be enjoying their sport at the weekend!

Contact us now to see what Blackheath Rhino's can offer.


At Blackheath Rhinos our goal is to create an environment where your children feel supported enough to do all of this and more. We want to make a space where each child’s needs and abilities are catered to and where each individual feels they are able to enhance their football knowledge as well as their friendships. Each player, whether they are first timers or regulars will be taught with the same attention, respect and care that we all deserve.

At Blackheath Rhinos we never want a fear of failure to stop our players from stepping onto the pitch and so we use positive reinforcement as our main form of coaching. We encourage each and every child to leap boldly and try new things and remind them that each new skill or football challenge starts with the simple action of putting on your shoes and stepping onto the pitch.


Blackheath Rhinos was founded in 2018, and ever since has attracted a growing number of local children. In 2019, popularity continued to build, with training sessions attracting around 70 children each time. Our third year was a great success - holiday camp was set up, and our first Wildcats session was registered, allowing our girls to train and enjoy football amongst other girls no matter how experienced they were.

Proudly, in 2021 we won our first trophy, where our u8's won their respective Cup Final. 

We hope to continue this success this year.


Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 2,574 )


Club Type: 
11 a side
Club Colours: 
Sky blue & black
Number of Pitches: 
6 - 10
Average weekly attendance: 
250 - 500


Number of Players: 
100 - 500
Youth (14)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
5 - 11
12 - 18


Car Park
Changing Rooms - Female
Changing Rooms - Male
Changing Rooms - Officials
Gated Entrance
Players Room
Venue Hire