Shredded Ducks 7s

Why Shredded Ducks 7s

We are representing ourselves and any sponsors at the biggest 7s tournaments around. Including the super series, Bournemouth 7s elite & Ibiza 10s.
Huge success gained from our first few years. 12 cup trophies to date. Forever looking to win more.
Represent ourselves and sponsors through facebook, instagram & twitter. Also our website.
Shredded Ducks 7s Default location
25 Whittock Road
Bristol Somerset BS14 8DH
United Kingdom
Somerset GB

About us:

The Shredded Ducks (SD7s) is not just something you order from the local Chinese Take away. They are one of the UK’s fastest growing Rugby 7s sides. The side originates from Bristol, UK but has players representing the team from all over the world. The SD7s was formed by a group of friends, players from a number of Rugby Union sides in England. Initially the side entered a number of local 7s tournaments in the South West of England. Their success within the local tournaments rapidly boosted their profile within the 7s community. Fast forward 3 years and the small group of friends have quickly become known nationally having being crowned England Rugby’s 247s National Sevens champions in the summer of 2018. The team is growing from strength to strength not only on the field but off it too. As fast as they’re being recognised for their rugby ability they’re also becoming known for their fun, tongue in cheek humour on social media in the lead up, during and post tournaments. The Ducks’ focus is now firmly on the 2019 season where new challenges await. The SD7s are flying into bigger ponds having recently accepted an invitation to the Elite Tournament at the internationally recognised Bournemouth 7s Festival. As well as this they have been recognised and awarded a place to compete within the country’s Super Sevens Series, where they will compete against teams such as the British Army, Jamaica and England Students. Before the flock fluffs it’s feathers and embarks on the long migration into the 2019 season we need some support to get us airborne. We are looking for businesses or individuals to join the Ducks on this journey and show their support by pledging sponsorship donations to the side. These contributions will support and facilitate the squad of ducklings to compete at these new heights and build on their historic success.
Outlined in this document is just a number of partnership initiatives the ducks wish to offer willing sponsors. We are fully committed to working with our partners to gain mutual benefits from our agreements.
We want to take you under our wing and discuss a number of opportunities which are available.
Playing and Training Kit Sponsorship - We have a number of opportunities for you to project your brand on our playing and training kit. We are looking for a main sponsor as well as various smaller sponsor places. This kit will be featured during all our competitions, which are nationally recognised and gain some great publicity both digitally and within the press. Furthermore all our players wear our training kit range at local sporting facilities, gyms and rugby clubs.
With all our kit sponsors we will add in a digital sponsorship options such as featuring on our website (currently in development) as well as a number of initiatives across our social media channels. We will also offer player appearance for promotion photo opportunities.
Digital Sponsorship - Become a digital sponsor and boost your brand exposure across a network rugby audience. The Shredded Ducks are very active on Twitter and Instagram. This year the Ducks have invested in a new website and will be using Facebook to help promote their latest news, photos and team announcements. As a digital sponsor you will feature on our website, and will receive a number or promotional posts from our media channels.
Our main digital sponsor will feature within our bio descriptions have main banner
on our website. Digital sponsorship packages may be included in “Title Sponsor” deal. Partnered Sponsorship - Our partner sponsors will be able to contribute to the Ducks journey on a smaller scale. Donations will help towards the tournament preparations, entry fees and medical coverage. We will feature these partners on our website. We are open to working with companies who may have alternatives to cash sponsorship. For more information or details please do not hesitate to get in contact with us directly.

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 12,000 )
On-site exposure
Editorial Media Coverage
Internet / website

Club information

Club Type: 
Club Colours: 
Yellow & Blue
Membership size: 
0 - 50
Average weekly attendance: 
250 - 500


Number of Players: 
0 - 50
Senior (1)
Age Band: 
12 - 18
19 – 24
25 – 34
Social demographics: 
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class