South Normanton Albion FC

Why South Normanton Albion FC

We are a positive influence in the community - great to be a part of!
We are making a difference in Grassroots Football!
You will be a part of a 'True Footballing Family'!
South Normanton Albion FC Default location
Lea Bank, Broadmeadows
South Normanton, Alfreton Derbyshire DE55 3LH
United Kingdom
Derbyshire GB

About us:

South Normanton Albion FC

SNAFC have a strong representation of all of the FA’s Values; always looking to Progress and having a long-term plan. being Respectful. We provide a safe and Inclusive environment for children to play football, and to develop themselves, learning skills for life in addition to the game they all love so much. A Determined network of members who pull together for the good of the club in order to overcome any challenges we face along the way. We pride ourselves in leading the way in Excellence, high standards and ensure that we are making the experience the best it can be For All involved. 

At South Normanton Albion, we are not just a Team/Club – we are truly a footballing family.  Everything we do is about the players first, no Win at All Cost– but very much a Development for All approach.  We are also developing players into Young Leaders - supporting them through their learning and coaching within the Club, whilst also empowering our Players with Skills For Life.


Current Projects - Recognising the 'Whole Person'

Recognising that the Mental Health of all involved deserves the same support as their physical health, attaining the Gold Standard for Mental Health within the Club is the current focus – having a Mental Health Action Plan in place, a qualified Mental Health First Aider, and constantly looking to progress with the support offered to the club community, and the local community by supporting and promoting initiatives as they arise.  


At SNAFC, Respect comes from the top down, and in turn results in a club we can all be proud to be a part of.  Teamwork being evident in everything we do – from the players, to the volunteers and to the parents. We recognise that it’s more than the game of football - it’s  the positive impact and well-being of all involved that is paramount in everything we do.  


Sponsorship Opportunities

The club has a flexible approach to sponsorship, with perks ranging from but are not limited to:

* logo & link on social media posts and local publications.

* physical advertisement on club assets, and building loyalty with our members.

* opportunities to advertise at club events, to an audience wider than our existing membership base

* captive audience of club members for exclusive business promotions, driving top-line sales

* invites to club events.

* CSR Opportunities through our involvement with our local charity partners


Alternative/supplementary perks can be arranged through negotiation dependent on the level of sponsor commitment, budget and your business objectives.

We are committed to giving you and your company the exposure and promotion you deserve. We recognise that without your support many of our club members would not be enjoying their Grassroots Football at the weekend! 

Contact us now to find out more and explore what South Normanton Albion can offer!

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 2,304 )


Club Type: 
11 a side
Club Colours: 
Navy & Gold (Home Kit) Red & Navy (Away Kit)
Number of Pitches: 
1 - 2
Membership size: 
0 - 50
Average weekly attendance: 
50 - 250


Number of Players: 
0 - 50
Youth (1)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
5 - 11
12 - 18
19 – 24
Social demographics: 
A - Upper middle class
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class
E - Those at lowest level of subsistence


Car Park
Catering Facilities - Internal
Changing Rooms - Male
Changing Rooms - Officials