Kenton Basketball

Why Kenton Basketball

We are integrated with the community and offer opportunity for anyone to to get involved in the game of basketball. Were a diverse club with members from all backgrounds and ages.
We play local league basketball in the TyneMet basketball League, against teams from all over the North East.
Basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world.
Kenton Basketball Default location
Kenton Comprehensive School, Drayton Road
Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne & Wear NE3 3RU
United Kingdom
Tyne & Wear GB

About us:

Kenton Basketball Club



Basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world. This is a great opportunity to get involved with a very diverse sport and a region full of very passionate and caring people.

About us

Kenton Basketball club was founded in 2008 and is a member of the Tynemet Basketball League, a league that spans the North East of England. Situated in the west end of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. we are based at Kenton School. Kenton basketball club is made up of 30 individuals most of whom live in the local area. We have a very diverse membership with players and volunteers from all different backgrounds and ethnicities. These individuals are split into two teams with different aims and goals.

  1. Kenton Lightning are our competitive team. The Lightning is Kenton's more established team with teammates who have been involved with the club for over a decade. The team has provided a platform for club and individual success, most recently in the 2018/19 season winning the Division 2 title, Division 2 trophy and finishing as runners up in the Handicap cup.
  2. Kenton Storm are our developmental team. Storm players play for the love of the game and are interested in having fun. This team gives new members an introduction to the game of basketball and the platform to develop their own skills. it gives casual players the oppotunity to play at some level of competition and is a slower pace for some of our veteran players to still be able to keep up. Kenton storm has enabled approximatley 250-300 members to have fun, go on to play basketball in other areas or transition to the Lightning after fine tuning their skills.

The two teams provide a safe and inclusive space for a range of different individuals and we are proud to serve our community. We also provide a outlet for teammates to have fun, invite their friends and enjoy a healthy social experience, as well as promoting good physical and mental health.

The last active season, the 2019/20 campaign was the clubs 12th season playing in the TyneMet League, which is one of the biggest regional basketball leagues in the UK.


Where we are right now

Kenton basketball had a successful 2018/19 season. The Lightning won both the Tynemet 2nd division and the 2nd division Tynemet Trophy. As a result, the team was promoted to the top tier of TyneMet Local League Basketball. The Storm introduced new members and continued the progression of some promising talent seeing numerous players promoted to play in the Lightning Team. Kenton basketball also expanded its outreach in the community by providing the developmental route, coaching and resources to introduce new players to a sport where participation is growing, but funding from Sport England is reducing.

We have recently began to create a link to a junior basketball club (also based in Kenton) to further our reach and to cement a solid base for the clubs future by securing those young players looking for and outlet once they are to old for junior leagues.


Where we want to go

The club wants to build on the momentum from the previous years, both on and off the court.

  1. Player safety will be paramount for Kenton Baskebtall. We will ensure that teammates can be confident and feel secure when returning to play basketball in a post-Covid environment.
  2. Kenton Lightning are looking to build on their success and establish themselves in the Tynemet 1st Division and compete against the best basketball teams in the region.
  3. Kenton Storm has brought on board a new coach with a wealth of experience and is looking to continue the promotion of players and introduce new membership for the coming season.
  4. Kenton basketball is to step up its grassroots movement and look to build on the interest that the success of the Newcastle Eagles continues to bring.


Why we need your support

Sport England have diverted funds from sports like basketball, to sports that Great Britain have had major success on the Internation stage, like cycling and rowing. As funding is difficult to obtain, a lot Kenton's off court time and resource is allocated to making sure the club itself is sustainable, so that it can continue to make a difference in the community. Your help would allow us to

  1. Reduce the financial barrier of entry to increase participation within the community
  2. Raise awareness of Kenton Basketball in the community
  3. Provide development opportunities for club members in coaching and officiating
  4. Improve the club's equipment

We believe that the above steps will free up our talented committee to invest their skills and experience to benefit the basketball in the area.