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Headline Walking Cricket


July 2021
August 2022
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Walking cricket engages with those who indentify as older adults, either retired or semi-retired, using the power of cricket to increase mobility, to decrease social isolation and give the participants all the benefits sport can offer, by providing weekly physical activity sessions and the oppertunity to socialise with link minded people. The programme has over 240 participants who we have indentified through this new initiative. Our vision is to expand the programme further across every town and city in Yorkshires communities.

Our programme operates on the doorstep of small communities across Yorkshire with a demand to grow in other areas, walking cricket positively impacts the NHS by reducing the demand of older adults. One example is through social prescribing, loneliness is known to be prevalent in older adults, espcially after the repercussions from the pandemic. It is a well documented that older people who come into retirement lose their sense of belonging to something, walking cricket enables them to feel a sense of belonging in potentially years.

Walking cricket is far more attractive to our more physically vulnerable older adults due to the nature of the activity, as opposed to other walking sports; walking football & walking netball, We have also noticed it lends itself well to the increase of a mixed gender participation.

In order to meet the demand for the growth of walking cricket, we now need a dedicated member of staff to co-ordinate, advertise and activate the groups with their initially 10 week start up.The cost for a full time Development Officer, including on-costs is £30,000 per annum.


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