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Sponsorship of Club Umbrellas


June 2022
June 2023
Sponsorship Cost: 

SN Albion FC Sponsorship Opportunity – Description:

South Normanton Albion FC is an England Accredited Grassroots Football Club founded in 2020.  A true footballing family, who have provided football to the same team for the past 8 years, and recently creating their own identity.


The club is currently preparing for the new season, and is seeking sponsorship for the following:

  • Club Umbrellas – for Spectator / Player, Coach & Club Official Use use 
    • Preparing for the typical football weather during Autumn and Winter – Club Umbrellas would be an excellent way of keeping our supporters dry at games, training and any outdoor Club Events – whilst also giving an advertising opportunity for businesses, at games, and on any photographic images which are shared following games.


As a sponsor of SN Albion FC, you will receive:

  • Branding will be included on the item(s).
  • We will promote the sponsorship with posts to our social media audience.
  • Satisfaction that you are investing in an England Accredited Grassroots Football Club.
  • Invitations to Club Events.



The impact of sponsorship on SN Albion FC

  • Allows us to help promote your business and meet your business objectives.
  • Allows club funds to be re-invested back into the team and club, and therefore, reinvesting back into Grassroots Football.

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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