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Digital Advertising


May 2022
April 2023
Sponsorship Cost: 
£ 100

We are offering very competitively priced digital advertising via our club website and via our facebook and  twitter social media sites.

We also offer 3 & 5 year digital marketing deals for which we can apply 10% and 20% discount respectively if paid upfront.



Notify your interest with the big yellow "CONNECT NOW" button at the right of the page and register on the SNAP portal

We'll agree a handshake deal (we can formalise with a contract if you so wish)

We'll send you details about how to pay

You send us your business' logo you want included

The deal is complete! Let us do the rest…

  • Benefits include:
  • Promotion and a link via our website

  • Acknowledgement in our club brochure

  • Monthly Promotion via our Facebook and Twitter media accounts

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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