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Main Sponsor!


July 2020
September 2021
Sponsorship Cost: 

MAIN SPONSOR! This is our Main Sponsor Slot!


This will be at the forefront of all photo shoots. Video creations. Social media posts and will be the optimum way of showcasing your company across the world during our trip to Dubai and the biggest tournaments in the UK (including Bournemouth, the world's largest sport and music festival)! We believe, our playing kit slots will be visible to over 150,000 people during 2019 in person, with roughly 50,000 more views online! So your company could be the focal point to 200,000 eyes.


Your company name will also be on our player of the season award at our end of season awards and you will of course be invited along as a special guest! We are also hoping to hold special fund raising events to facilitate our trip to Dubai as well as supporting charities we have chosen.


The main charities we focus on are ones that focus on the mental health of young people, as this is an issue that has affected close ones to many of us here at the Raiders.


The image shows where the Main Sponsor would be placed, as the CC position on the shirt. 


This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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