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We all know how difficult running a rugby team and club is, from organising fixtures and venues, contacting players and gathering responses, making last minute changes to the line up, to managing and collecting money.

SNAP has developed a business dedicated to helping grassroots clubs develop through sustainable sponsorship management and funding. Our website allows rugby clubs to manage their existing sponsorship and secure additional revenue all in one system.

Teamer is an online team management system created and designed to remove the struggles of managing any sports team! Teamer helps to eradicate the dozens of phone calls that captains, managers or coaches have to make just to get their team co-ordinated for matches or training.

Together we have forged a partnership that will help clubs better manage their teams and fixtures, as well as, their sponsorship and revenue!

Our shared value of the importance of grassroots rugby and two systems, designed in order for clubs to run more efficiently, has meant the partnership between the SNAP and Teamer is a natural fit.

To find out more about Teamer head over to there website and watch their video:


If any clubs already use Teamer and would like to find out more about how SNAP could help your team/club with funding and sponsorship please get in contact with us.

Similarly, we would encourage all of our clubs and contacts to use this fantastic application to manage your teams!