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We are 2 young athletes with 2024 Olympic Games and gold medalling potential
Our results from the past 2 years have been impressive and only set to improve!
We can offer more than advertising, but coaching, team visits, open days etc
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About us:

British Sailing Team Sailors: Bella Fellows & Alice Masterman

Bella and Alice “team mastfell”, teamed up in September 2018 in the Women’s Olympic Class, the 49er FX, to campaign for Paris 2024. They are British Sailing Team sailors and on track to bring home Gold!

We need the financial backing of sponsors to help us achieve our dream to fund our Olympic Campaign. Within our cycle, we need to purchase equipment, travel to events and finance boat upkeep.

If this is something that might interest you, please read below!

Why Sponsor Us?

Although we are members of the British Sailing Team and UK Lottery funded athletes, this by no means covers the cost of our campaign. A competitive campaign run by the top athletes comes to at least £50k a year and we receive less than half of that through funding and current sponsorship.

To fund the shortfall, we work part-time and rely on the support of parents but there is only so long this can continue. We have two opportunities throughout the year to increase our funding at European and World Championships but due to Covid-19, this has not been possible. This means we can’t go up a funding level until September 2021.

Sponsoring us would go further than making our campaign possible and for you, there is the opportunity to advertise further afield as we travel all over the world and we are a cool, dynamic sport. Branding is available on our sails and kit which would be seen by competitors, audiences and other nations as well as our popular social media feed and website.

One of our core responsibilities is to inspire the nation and we are always looking at ways to engage the wider community in showcasing our sport. We both coach the younger generation and help them become the best sailors they can be. We also engage with our local communities, Guildford & Plymouth, and thank them for the support they have given us over the years.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities are listed below but we are open to ideas and would love to form a long-standing relationship with a sponsor that we can develop over the years:

  • Branding/Logo on our sail or boat, size dependent on level of sponsorship
  • Branding/Logo on clothing – on shore & offshore as well as car stickers & on our trailer
  • Advertising on our website (our current partners are listed on the website)
  • Personal shout outs on our social media to a wide audience
  • The opportunity for us to come to your workplace and tell our story
  • Incorporating sailing into your business through corporate days where we can be at your service teaching, coaching or giving joyrides
  • The opportunity to come see us sail at Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy, the home of British Sailing
  • Opportunity to become “friends” of mastfellsailing through small contributions that gain recognition on our social feeds and website

Alternative/supplementary perks can be arranged through negotiation dependent on the level of sponsor commitment. We want to be able to give the people that truly support us the recognition they deserve.


We have celebrated a great 2 years of sailing together that shows teamwork and commitment. We balance a busy life of university, coaching, personal life and sailing which reflects another level of dedication! In May 2021, we plan to both be full time, with Bella deferring her university studies and Alice will have completed her online Masters degree. This means we will be in the best position going forward to achieve our goal in Paris 2024.

Due to Covid-19, all our events have been cancelled but that hasn’t meant we haven’t been able to train hard in Weymouth. We have been supporting the 2020(1) boat and training hard, getting lots of valuable hours on the water. We have also had time to build our website and focus on other aspects of the campaign that would normally be ignored in competition season.

Our campaign faces a difficult turning point next year where new equipment is being introduced, yet we still must use the old equipment to train with and potentially race. Our equipment will effectively be redundant in 2022 and as well as losing the resale value, we will have to purchase brand new equipment which financially sets us back. This is where we really need the help of a sponsor.


Together we are on track to be selected for Paris 2024 in the women’s doublehanded skiff; the 49er FX. Both boasting successful youth results, we paired up in September 2018 to complete our mission and bring home gold.  Looking past 2020, we are the boat leading the Project 2024 movement. Finishing 3rd in the 2020 trials, we are the favourites to lead the charge to Paris.

Winter 2020 we are going to train hard and be in a good position to be full-time in May 2021. Fingers crossed, events resume normally, and we can work our way up the world rankings, competing with some of the best. Every year we have a Worlds & Europeans which we would love to win and achieve medal success, plus other events dotted around the calendar all over Europe.


In 2019 we boast a top 30 European finish in 2 major regattas, a top 15 finish in Kiel Week 2019 and our first senior European Race win. After 5 events we were ranked in the top 50 World ISAF rankings. Our results from the 2019 season show we have the potential to go all the way, but we need your help to make this happen.

Following a successful junior career in the Topper, Bella transitioned to the 29er which is the pathway boat into the 49er FX. Boys and girls race together, and Bella dominated both categories finishing 2nd overall and successfully defending her Ladies title at the RYA Youth Nationals in Largs 2018.  The Youth Nationals is the biggest event for under 18 sailors in the UK as selection is made here for the World Sailing Youth World Championships. Many Olympic medallists made their first medalling debut at the Youth Worlds. Bella was fortunate enough to be selected for the Youth Worlds 2017 in China and finished 6th overall in a competitive fleet. At the end of her 29er career last summer, she achieved 6th overall at the Nationals and 3rd Ladies at the Europeans before transitioning into the FX September 2018. Bella is going into her second year at Exeter university to study Civil Engineering. She continues to balance her time at university and an Olympic Campaign successfully.

Alice also raced competitively in the 29er class where she achieved Ladies National Champion consecutively in 2012 and 2013 and Youth Ladies National Champion in 2014. Her biggest successes were two Bronze medals at the worlds in 2013 and 2014 where the other sailors on the podium either competed in Rio in the FX or are candidates for 2020.  Alice’s results meant she was asked to coach the 29er class, and she has been enjoying that for the past 5 years. In 2014, Alice took a break from sailing to focus on her degree in Politics and Economics at the University of Southampton but still competed in other areas of sailing where she won Cowes Week 2018 in the RS Elite and the K6 Nationals in 2016. In 2017, she made the transition with Vikki Payne to the FX. Their results gained recognition in the British Sailing Team and she was paired up with Bella Fellows and they have been campaigning ever since. Alice reads an online masters in Real Estate Investment and Finance with planned graduation in April 2021. In November 2019, she was crowned Guildford Sports Personality of the Year.

Key Results

1st - Team GB Olympic Ranking Series November 2019

1st - K6 Nationals 2019

14th - Kiel Week 2019

27th - 49er FX Europeans 2019

32nd (21st European) - Palma Princess Sofia 2019