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About us:

This is a piece I wrote for the end of season summary pamflet. This for me really sums 

up where the club has come from and where it has thenpotential to go. 


For me in my second season as Captain of Reading Raiders, this season is summed up by our willingness and desire to fulfil every fixture. Not only to fulfil them, but to take a competitive squad to each and every one. In my honest opinion, from those early days on King's Meadow, with no more than 6 people training, one being the Chairman and one the manager, we've come further than I ever though we could in such a short space of time. The majority of this growth in our team is down to the players having enjoyed it so much last year, and as a result the word getting around. Credit in this department really does go to the mouth on a stick himself, John Boucher, Our illustrious scrum half! Along side him the House clan have also played their part in spreading the good word down in the land of Union.
          Off the back off this unprecedented squad growth, another key thing in the progression of this team, has been the expansion of the core of players experienced in Rugby league. This first season it was based around a mere hand full, to now it being nearly the whole of our starting squad. From half backs to our forward pack, we now have a group of players, who have converted their extensive Rugby Union experience directly onto the League field. This is highlighted most and a captain when picking a side. When players are absent for what ever reason It's noticed before even getting on the park on a Saturday. This is a credit to how far our team and as individual players we have come.
           With our central core of players established, going forward this again will do nothing but grow us as a club. Numbers will grow, as we progress slowly, but surely to a higher and more competitive league. Allowing for more fixtures, week in week out. Giving more people around the entire Greater Reading area chance to play this sport that I've loved for many years!
           For me a mention has to go to Andy Belt, and the tireless work he puts in behind the scenes. It's work that not many of us players even know goes on, and even if we did, I doubt many would step up and get it done if at all. Half the problems encountered have been down to playing League in the south and out of his control! So for that thank you.
          The real positive for me now is, that with our incredible season drawing to an end, and foxy's Jumping lunges on a Thursday before a game banished to his session book, ready to be pulled put next year. I can say with all honesty, that I'm itching for next season to arrive! I don't feel we have even begun to see the potential of this Squad! 

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Red and Yellow
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1 - 2
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50 - 100
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0 - 50


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50 - 100
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All Working Age Adults
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B - Middle class
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