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Increased Brand Awareness
Client Networking Opportunities
Support Community Wellbeing 
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Flat 34, Cornwallis House, India Way
London W12 7QT
United Kingdom

About us:

Switch Sports

Hello and welcome to the official SNAP Sponsorship profile of Switch Sports! Our organisation has decided to partner with SNAP to promote our sponsorship opportunities, connect with local businesses and to secure important revenue which will allow our organisation to continue to grow our game throughout the UK. 


Why Sponsor Us? 

Here are three reasons why you should sponsor Switch Sports! 


Increased Brand Awareness

Switch Sports has a variety of digital and physical advertising assets. Sponsorship of our organisation will grant your business with the opportunity of increasing its brand awareness to facilitate information regarding the services you supply. 


Client Networking Opportunities

Switch Sports has a massive following made up of members, coaches and supporters. Sponsorship of our organisation will allow your business to connect your products with the potential clients that exist within this major network. 


Support Community Wellbeing 

Switch Sports has made a significant difference to our local communities. Sponsorship of our organisation will enable your business to be represented at the forefront of our movement, positively impacting upon people’s lives for the better. 


Please notify the organisation if there are any sponsorship opportunities which are not currently present on our SNAP profile. To register your interest in any of our sponsorship packages please contact our page or an official organisation representative directly. 


The Club Today

Switch is a movement and our foundations are built upon three core values – inclusivity, opportunity and community. 



Switch is for everyone. Our organisation understands the pivotal role that sport can play in people’s lives, whether through forming lasting social relationships or experiencing the health and wellbeing benefits of activity. Switch is here to support this process and is open to anyone, regardless of gender, age or ability.



Switch is more than just a game. Our organisation recognises that sport is a pathway to success in all areas of life. We encourage our users to try new sports, learn new activities and take calculated risks to enhance their development. We firmly believe in giving back to our players which is why we work with our members to become coaches, ambassadors and volunteers to help them reach their fullest potential. 



Switch is a family. Our organisation knows that we have the power to make significant positive change within both the lives of our players and their local areas. We seek to remove barriers, provide a safe environment and unite people from different races, religions and cultural backgrounds to work together as one. As a result of this work our communities grow stronger, safer and more supportive. 


Switch is a crossover sport which combines five Olympic sports; Football, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and Handball. At Switch we have high ambitions, which is devised into two fundamental areas: 



We want our sport to be available for everyone, in every location. Since its formation Switch has received amazing feedback from players, coaches and supporters on how it makes a positive difference in their lives. As we continue to advance we want to expand our movement into all areas across the UK, ensuring that communities across the country have the chance to participate, grow and enjoy our sport. 



Our dream is to have Switch eventually registered as an official Olympic Sport. We feel that the game provides a considerable challenge to athletes with the fast-paced environment and physically demanding movements. By having Switch showcased on the highest sporting stage of them all we would gain significant exposure around the world, therefore allowing us to grow our game further.  



Switch Sport was established in 2012 following the success of the London Olympics. Founded by ex-professional football coach and community officer, Danny Hibbert, Switch was first introduced to local primary schools throughout the capital and rapidly received major positive feedback. Switch was soon used within these educational environments for official PE lessons, after-school clubs and holiday programmes. Over the past decade Switch has expanded and is now used by teams across the globe, whether that be amateur football clubs or official Olympic organisations, as an integral aspect of their practices and success.

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 49,776 )




Number of Players: 
100 - 500
Senior (1)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
Social demographics: 
A - Upper middle class
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class
E - Those at lowest level of subsistence