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Why Tao Dragons Martial Arts

Help our campaign against bullying
Participation in sports improves self-esteem, mental discipline and social skills
Get involved in grassroots sport and connect with our community
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28 Kingfisher Drive, Wick
Littlehampton West Sussex BN17 7GX
United Kingdom
West Sussex GB

About us:

Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy

Hello and welcome to the official SNAP Sponsorship profile of Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy.

We're delighted to announce that we’ve now partnered with SNAP Sponsorship and we’re looking for sponsors who are excited about affiliating themselves with something a little different, a top-class Sussex martial arts academy.

We strive to craft a partnership with our sponsors that meets their specific objectives, whether that be community gifting, social responsibility (CSR), direct sales or brand building.

We’ll work with you to develop a partnership which meets both your objectives and adds value to our members — supporting our club’s ongoing work in the community to remove barriers and make sport enjoyable, accessible and sustainable for all.

Whatever your motivation, find out more below. Thank you for visiting our profile.

Why Sponsor Us?

Help our campaign against bullying

Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy campaigns against bullying on all levels and works with schools and the community to deter bullying and to teach self-defence skills to young people which boosts their confidence.

We currently teach around 19 classes a week across Sussex in schools, church halls and community centres. We also put on events to raise money for charity and would be happy to hold a sponsored event if requested.

Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy has an array of sponsorship opportunities which can be tailored to meet your objectives. Through sponsorship, our club will promote your company in a wide variety of ways, increasing your brand awareness, and therefore enriching the profile of your business. 

Participation in sports improves self-esteem, mental discipline and social skills

At Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy we make training and development fun and encourage people to support each other and we celebrate individual achievements and success as a club.

Exercise and sport in general can have incredible effects on people’s mental health and wellbeing and with an increased number of youngsters turning to the digital world and obesity at an all-time high, there’s an outcry for regular exercise more than ever.

In addition to wellbeing and the physical benefits of sports such as martial arts, there are also valuable life skills and lessons young people can learn including manners, respect and boundaries; practising persistence, meeting new friends and boosting confidence.

We’d love for you to get involved and see the positive impact martial arts can have on young people.

Get involved in grassroots sport and connect with our community

Sponsorship of a grassroots sport delivers a much higher return on investment than traditional advertising. This is because sponsorship allows your business to become directly involved in activities that are highly valued by local consumers.

Consumers are known to form strong positive associations with sponsors who support the development of grassroots sport and contribute to the local community. With eight out of ten consumers preferring to believe in what a company does rather than what it says, it’s easy to see why many businesses are choosing sponsorship of clubs like ours as a way of maximising their marketing return.

Please notify the club if there are any sponsorship opportunities which are not currently present on our SNAP profile. To register your interest in any of our sponsorship packages please contact our SNAP Sponsorship profile or an official club representative directly. 

Contact us now to find out more and explore what Tao Dragons Martial Arts Academy can offer!

The Club Today

The TAO System

Using the principles of natural body mechanics, the Tao System uses powerful techniques combined with scenario and defence drills of various martial arts from around the World.

It’s a unique system for realistic street self-defence and safety awareness for the modern world using techniques drawn from krav maga, tae kwon do, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, oh doo kwan, choi kwang do and han soo do.

Tao is a Chinese word meaning “The Way”. We use this in the principle that whatever our goal or whatever we aim to accomplish or achieve, if we have the desire to learn and improve, if we have the belief in ourselves, we will find “The Way” to make it happen.

Martial Arts practised correctly and taught well can create safer communities and individuals.

Respect, humility and courtesy sit at the heart of Martial Arts. Studying Martial Arts creates more confident children and adults and helps to form principles to become better individuals.

We cover fitness, flexibility, conditioning, sparring, defence drills, blocks, punches, kicks, weapons defence and close contact defence amongst other life-changing skills.

The instructor

Mark Fisher, Founder of TAO Martial Arts, has studied various disciplines throughout the self-defence and fitness world including krav maga, tae kwon do, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, oh doo kwan, choi kwang do and han soo do.

The instructor team are skilled at providing the correct tuition to suit the individuals’ requirements. We understand that everyone has their own level of health, fitness, flexibility and learning capabilities and work with individuals in a manner that allows them to learn and progress at a rate which suits them, whilst encouraging them to push themselves to new limits.


Our classes are held at various venues in Bognor, Chichester, Littlehampton & Shoreham-by-Sea areas throughout the week. We provide classes for children and adults as well as mixed classes at most venues. We also provide fitness and weapons training classes.


History of the Club and Aspirations

Tao Dragon Martial Arts was started in 2014 with one student and since then, has continued to grow. Before lockdown in 2020, we had around 120 regular students. However, during the lockdown it was difficult to keep people engaged as not everyone wanted to participate in virtual martial arts.

In 2022, the numbers are now creeping back up and our long-term ambition is to teach martial arts full-time in our venue, which we hope will happen before too long.

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 248,704 )
YouTube views
Internet / website
On-site exposure


Club Colours: 
Black and Yellow
Membership size: 
100 - 250
Average weekly attendance: 
50 - 250


Number of Players: 
100 - 500
Senior (1)
Youth (1)
Mini (1)
Mini (1)
Youth (1)
Senior (1)
Youth (1)
Senior (1)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
5 - 11
12 - 18
19 – 24
25 – 34
35 – 44
45 – 54
55 – 64
Social demographics: 
A - Upper middle class
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class
E - Those at lowest level of subsistence


Car Park
Pitch Side Hoarding