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Step Up 2 Fitness

Why Step Up 2 Fitness

Over 115 women attend our indoor and outdoor fitness sessions on a weekly basis
100 families attend our monthly basis
Harvest resilient community of grass roots entrepreneurs that offer solutions to local residents
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Harrow Road
Harrow London W2 5ES
United Kingdom
London GB

About us:


We are an organisation with a core group of volunteers, mothers, young female adults, 100% BAME and local grass roots residents with different skills, primary school teacher, key workers, physiotherapist, fitness coaches, counsellor, basketry artist, 3D generalist and crèche worker who are passionate to promote mental and fitness well being in our deprived neighbourhood.



Your business can help in several ways financially as well as non-financial support. We are certain that associating your firm with Step up 2 Fitness will be mutually beneficial, ranging from but are not limited to:

- Raise the profile of your brand by reaching and engaging with new audiences

- Increase awareness of your organisation, its products and services

- Create association with the excellence, independence and credibility that a charity like ours provides

- logo & link on social media posts and websites pages

- captive audience of club members for exclusive business promotions or club events.

Step Up 2 Fitness is striving to secure the long-term sustainability of the club for future generations as well as diversifying the funding base of the club. We are run on a not-for-profit basis, for the benefit of the people that inhabit our community. 

We have a flexible approach to sponsorship, with a range of sponsorship opportunities to enhance your business by becoming a valued partner and supported of all that Step Up 2 Fitness does and represents. We actively encourage discussion of ideas for how sponsorship can work for Step Up 2 Fitness and our potential sponsors.



SU2F is a non profit grass root community organisation that is 100% representative of the diverse community that aims to:

- Incorporate active lifestyle as a way of life

- Improve access to all sport ventures

- Create opportunities for further training for dedicated grass root volunteers

- Support emerging sporting talent in young girls 

- Create a positive and meaningful role model in active lifestyle

- Promote the sustainability of our society and create smart solutions in recycling and eco therapy

- Harvest resilient community of grass roots entrepreneurs that offer solutions to local residents

- To eliminate digital discrepancy in the community and facilitate an inclusive digital society for everyone.



We have more than 115 participants that are active members on a weekly basis.

More than 600 local residents that are registered in our database and we keep reaching new local residents in our sessions.