West London Futsal

Why West London Futsal

Great visibility both online and nationally
Club with great community links allowing businesses to reach a broad social demographic across West London
Introduction to new customers through Futsal allowing businesses to reach a new customer base
West London Futsal Default location
Moberly Sports Centre, 25 Chamberlayne Road
London NW10 3NB
United Kingdom

About us:

Our Mission

To develop people as well as players
To provide experience and opportunities where they would not otherwise exist To be a valuable, visible and active stakeholder in our local community

What We Can Offer

Each of the packages come with their individual advantages. Our strongest aspect as a Futsal Team is our online reach. Coming from a community background we have strong ties and this is shown online with our combined following of over 5,500 which when compared to leading Futsal Clubs, we are miles ahead.

We will be playing our home games at Moberly Sports Centre in Kensal Rise which has a seating area for up to 500 spectators, with each game also being streamed for online viewers.

Our online platform along with a new look Social Media team means we are always aiming to be one step ahead to deliver high quality Futsal content which can hopefully be powered by a sponsorship/partnership.

With each package we are offering an agreed amount of promotion on aforementioned platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to a target audience that ranges from 16 up to 50 years of age, with various backgrounds and interests with most being involved in Futsal or other sports i.e. Football, Boxing, Fitness etc.

Our online platform along with the match day experience we will be creating for our followers that come to watch our games, gives ample opportunity for your brand to be seen and recognised.

By sponsoring West London Futsal  your company will secure on-going exposure throughout the country and also through our reach on our online platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube). We have many opportunities in which your company can sponsor us and you can be involved in as many ways as you like (Subject to availability).

Any funds West London Futsal secure will help us in providing the best experience for our players and also to create the ultimate match day experience for all of our followers.

Our History

  1.  West London Futsal was founded in 2006 delivering Futsal to local schools and community groups
  2. In 2007 West London Futsal formed an adult side with the goal of developing an elite team & club structure
  3. Men's team began competing in the National Futsal League in 2010
  4. Academy teams competing in the FA National Youth Festivals between the years of 2009 - 2015, reaching the Finals 3 years in a row (2011 - 2013)
  5. After a short break from the Futsal world West London Futsal are back with plans to compete at the highest level again