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Project Futsal

Why Project Futsal

We’re something a bit different!
Participation in team sports improves self-esteem, mental discipline and social skills
Remove economic barriers making sport affordable, accessible and inclusive for all
Project Futsal Default location
Liverpool College Prep School, Queens Drive, Mossley Hill
Liverpool Merseyside L18 8BG
United Kingdom
Merseyside GB

About us:

Project Futsal

Hello and welcome to the official SNAP Sponsorship profile of Project Futsal.

We're delighted to announce that we’ve now partnered with SNAP Sponsorship and we’re looking for sponsors who are excited about affiliating themselves with a Liverpool futsal club and a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity.

We strive to craft a partnership with our sponsors that meets their specific objectives, whether that be community gifting, social responsibility (CSR), direct sales or brand building.

We’ll work with you to develop a partnership which meets both your objectives and adds value to our members — supporting our club’s ongoing work in the community to remove barriers and make sport enjoyable, accessible and sustainable for all.

Whatever your motivation, find out more below. Thank you for visiting our profile.


Why Sponsor Us?

We’re something a bit different!

Project Futsal provides an alternative sport for young people looking to increase their ball skills and technique and a complete pathway for young children into adult teams, enabling them to play futsal all the way through. There are not many clubs out there doing what we do so if you’re looking to get involved with something a little different, we’re the club for you!

We have the opportunity to place signage around various venues including the local school which looks out on Penny Lane and hence sees a huge footfall of tourist traffic and we have an array of other sponsorship opportunities which can be tailored to meet your objectives. Through sponsorship, our club will promote your company in a wide variety of ways, increasing your brand awareness, and therefore enriching the profile of your business in our community. 

Participation in team sports improves self-esteem, mental discipline and social skills

Project Futsal make training and development fun, we encourage our players to support each other and we celebrate individual achievements and success as a whole.

Although exercise and sport in general can have an incredible effect on people’s mental health and wellbeing, research has shown that there are more impactful mental health benefits of team sports.

In addition to wellbeing and the physical benefits of team sports, there are also valuable life skills and lessons young people can learn including manners, respect and boundaries on and off the court; practising persistence, meeting new friends and boosting confidence.

We’d love for you to get involved and see the positive impact futsal can have on players.

Get involved in grassroots sport and remove economic barriers making sport affordable, accessible and inclusive for all

Sponsorship of a grassroots sport delivers a much higher return on investment than traditional advertising. This is because sponsorship allows your business to become directly involved in activities that are highly valued by local consumers.

Consumers are known to form strong positive associations with sponsors who support the development of grassroots sport and contribute to the local community. With eight out of ten consumers preferring to believe in what a company does rather than what it says, it’s easy to see why many businesses are choosing to sponsor clubs like ours as a way of maximising their marketing return.

By directly supporting us, you’re helping to remove economic barriers — making sport affordable and inclusive for all.

Contact us now to find out more and explore what Project Futsal can offer you!


The Club Today

Project Futsal, a charter standard futsal club, have partnered with the University of Liverpool’s sports department to provide high quality futsal opportunities across Merseyside through schools across the region.

Project Futsal delivers regular coaching for children aged between four and 16 with the view to develop University of Liverpool youth teams, creating a long-term futsal pathway through to BUCS and national level futsal in England.

The project also supports the development of coaches through mentoring and professional development events, ensuring the very best people are in place to help the young stars across the region flourish.

Project Futsal’s long-term aims are to be the pinnacle of futsal delivery across Liverpool and the North West and to develop a long-term pathway not only for young players to play futsal at grassroots level, but also to one day represent England at international level.

Futsal is an exciting alternative or a great addition to the traditional football game and with the FA investing heavily at the moment through their new strategy, we feel it will only gain in popularity. We want this fast, exciting format of the sport to become the indoor game of choice for young players and drive participation across Merseyside. The benefit of being indoors also means there’s no need to worry about waterlogged or frozen pitches – games are played all year round.

Coaching this fast-paced and tactical game provides kids with the opportunity to develop their technical skills in a fun and friendly environment. Futsal complements football and vice versa due to the skills acquired.

Project Futsal run a development centre every Tuesday at Liverpool College in Mossley Hill.



With membership and crowd attendances rising, we have ambitious plans to continue to raise awareness and participation in futsal. We'll be doing this by continuing to run a full schedule of after-school sessions and holiday camps, and by helping the University of Liverpool to deliver tournaments once or twice a year. Any revenue created will be used to compete teams in the National Super Women's Series.

Naturally, we want to support our sponsors and build them in to our club on a strategic level — allowing all of our partners to benefit from our ever-expanding audience and our community involvement.