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National Brand Awareness
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About us:


Hello and welcome to the official SupaStrikers SNAP Sponsorship profile!

SupaStrikers is a nation-wide sports community with only one goal in mind – to provide Children with the best possible start in life. Our organisation champions fun-based learning activities which is why we supply interactive football sessions that are specifically designed towards 2 to 5 year-olds. SupaStrikers have now partnered with SNAP Sponsorship to promote our wide range of sponsorship opportunities which will enable us to connect with businesses and accomplish our expanding potential for success.


Why Sponsor Us?

The SupaStrikers brand is growing! Our organisation currently manages 26 active franchises across the UK and with the countless positive feedback that we have received this number is only set to increase. As a result of this success now would be the ideal opportunity for a business to partner with us for a variety of reasons.


National Brand Awareness

SupaStrikers operate on a national level. With our sessions available in over 150 locations across the UK your business would instantly receive a significant increase in brand awareness whether you opted to become our headline partner or wanted to support one of our cost-effective individual sponsorship packages.  

We also have a large Social Media following with 7,800 Facebook followers including 4,200 on the main SupaStrikers account and a combined 3,600 on the individual franchise accounts. On Instagram we have over 1,300 followers including 500 on the main SupaStrikers account and a combined 800 on the individual franchise accounts.


Major Client Potential

SupaStrikers currently have over 3,000 members which are made up of a collection of coaches, children and their families. Through sponsorship your brand would become closely associated with our own allowing you to reach a greater target audience and connect potential clients to the essential services that your organisation supplies.


Youth Development Support

SupaStrikers is a youth-focused movement. All sponsorship funding acquired will be directly applied towards establishing additional franchises, improving our training structures and enhancing our capability to provide the necessary equipment to each one of our members. By supporting our organisation through sponsorship your business will directly impact the lives and development of our youth for the better.


The Organisation Today

Our organisation operates weekly within school term time. The classes provided are centred around core football/movement skills and are available in four groups such as MiniStrikers, MegaStrikers, MaxiStrikers and MaxiStrikers Plus which enable the accommodation of various infant age groups. All SupaStriker coaches are fully licensed and receive exceptional training and support to effectively manage the sessions and its participants.

Our service is provided on a membership basis only. Members are requested to supply an upfront fee of £15.95 followed by a monthly subscription which provides class bookings and official kit. We offer a Money-Back Guarantee and sibling discounts for families with more than one child who may wish to attend our sessions. 

SupaStrikers is incredibly proud to introduce children into sport. Our service instils important learning skills and is a fundamental part of establishing the foundations for development in our Children so that they may grow and achieve success.




SupaStrikers is not a corporation it is a community. This philosophy is ingrained into the very fabric of our foundations and is the greatest asset we possess. We are not driven by profit we are driven by people and since our first ever training session we have experienced nothing but positive results. Our aspirations for the future are clear:

  • To secure additional franchises within the UK to enhance our connections
  • To continue our essential work within youth development through sport
  • To increase our licensed coaches to provide employment opportunities


Please notify us if there are any sponsorship opportunities which are not currently present on our SNAP profile. To register your interest in our Headline Partner or any individual packages please contact our SNAP Sponsorship profile.



The organisation was established in 2005 by Andy and Carolyn Tucker following the major success of AT Soccercamps which was introduced in 1994 (football coaching for school age children). Andy Tucker was a professional footballer, playing for Cheltenham Town and Gloucester City, when he was inspired to launch ATsoccercamps to promote football in the community (which still operates today). SupaStrikers has vast years of experience within the youth-focused sports industry. The sessions provided by SupaStrikers achieve many positive results and effectively help to improve the overall development of young children, including confidence building, awareness of shapes, colours and numbers, as well as social skills through listening, sharing and teamwork.

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 100 )
Internet / website


National (UK)
Club Colours: 
Membership size: 
1,000 - 5,000


Mini (100)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
Social demographics: 
A - Upper middle class
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class
E - Those at lowest level of subsistence