Hackney Womens FC

Why Hackney Womens FC

We are the oldest east London women’s football club with a 35 year history
We have a strong LGBTQ+ membership base and a proud history of actively promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ rights
We play in tiers 6 & 7 and are actively seeking promotion from both, having successfully topped our league last season.
Hackney Womens FC Default location
Hackney Marsh Team, Homerton High Street
London E9 6DL
United Kingdom

About us:


Hackney Women's FC is the oldest women's football club in east London and has a strong identity as a LGBTQ+ Club.

Both First and Reserve Teams travel across the whole of London and east of England to play league and cup matches, providing wide exposure for sponsors. We represent a strong investment opportunity to support an historic, successful and growing Club, show support for the LGBTQ+ community, reach new audiences in the thousands and be involved in the rapidly evolving landscape of women's football. 

Why sponsor us

Audience: Across a typical season, the two teams in the Club will play within the region of 40 competitive matches. This in-person marketing has the potential to reach nearly 1,000 people across Greater London and the east of England.  

Digital: We have a good social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, reaching nearly 50,000 media impressions in a season. 

Facilities: Our home games are played at the Hackney Marshes Centre on Sundays, typically with exposure to around 500 people, so advertising opportunities for your business here are much greater than just the Club itself.

We are open to discussion on sponsorship perks for your business, including but not limited to:

● logo & link on social media posts and websites pages, to an audience of 50,000 annually

● physical advertisement on club assets, providing exposure to over 5,000 individuals annually and building loyalty with our 50 members.

● opportunities to advertise at club events, to an audience wider than our existing membership base

● captive audience of club members for exclusive business promotions, driving top-line sales

We are fully committed to providing your company with the exposure you need and recognise the mutual benefits for our Club of your generous support. 

Contact us today to find out more!

Today and future aspirations

Hackney Women’s first team currently play in tier 6, in the South East and London Regional Women’s Football League and the reserve team are placed in the Greater London Women’s Football League in tier 7. We number over 50 members, training devotedly throughout all seasons, with one coach dedicated to each squad. 

We want Hackney Women’s FC to become the team to join in east London - we want to be inclusive and remain a safe space for all who identify as women; we want to maintain our identity as a club for strong and independent women; we want to nurture our established players and develop fresh new talent to build a sustainable Club that will continue to thrive for many years to come. 

We are self-run with a voluntary committee who have been working tirelessly to find creative ways to attract new players, but this is a real mountain to climb. As it stands, we are finding it increasingly challenging to compete with other London clubs, as we do not have club premises and lack sponsorship, which means that all expenses are taken on by club members.

With a long and proud history our members are absolutely devoted to the Club and to football. We are aiming to push for promotion for both our teams and have the dedication and commitment to do so. We want to attract new members to make the Club sustainable in the long run and we have ambitions of competing with the top teams around us in seasons to come.  

Our ambitions for the future would naturally provide our partners with greater exposure opportunities and marketing to a far wider audience. 


In 1986, Hackney Women’s Football Club was established as a lesbian-friendly team with the aim of bringing together a community of football-loving women to give them a safe space to participate in the beautiful game. 

The 1980s was not an easy time to be a team of lesbian footballers and the women regularly came under fire from all angles as an entirely misunderstood demographic. They battled homophobia and sexism on a weekly basis.

These women showed immense strength and courage in the face of continued discriminations of all sorts, and instead threw their weight behind the rising LGBT Pride movement, becoming well-known as the only lesbian football club in London and contributing to the national discourse on women’s and gay rights. 

Throughout this time, football remained central to the Club’s identity and brought the women together on such a regular basis to share their passions that it became a second family to everyone.

Over time, the Club grew to incorporate a reserve team squad and drew new members from all walks of life, remaining a safe space for all women. For many years these women continued to train and play on substandard pitches and often endured sexual harassment from male referees. However, their love of the game and determination to open eyes to women’s second-class status meant that the Club endured.

As women’s football belatedly joins the 21st Century, established teams all over have woken up to the need to support and invest in the sport. For the first time in a century women are being called and treated as professionals and the resulting impact has been an astronomical rise in not just the number of teams and players, but also in the quality of football being played at all levels. 

Club exposure:

Media reach - total annual impressions: ( 27,000 )
Internet / website


Club Type: 
11 a side
Tier 6
Club Colours: 
Red and black
Number of Pitches: 
Over 11
Membership size: 
0 - 50
Average weekly attendance: 
500 - 1000


Number of Players: 
0 - 50
Senior (2)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Social demographics: 
B - Middle class
C1 - Lower middle class
C2 - Skilled working class
D - Working class


Car Park
Changing Rooms - Female
Changing Rooms - Male
Changing Rooms - Officials
Disabled access
Gated Entrance
Venue Hire