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Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club

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Local Community Network
Promote Member Inclusivity
Support Youth Development
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47 Church Road, Hatfield Peverel
Chelmsford Essex CM3 2LB
United Kingdom
Essex GB

About us:

Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club

Hello and welcome to the official SNAP Sponsorship profile of Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club! Situated just outside of the county capital of Chelmsford we are a thriving club unlike any other. We champion diversity above all else, proudly standing by our ethos that Cricket is a game for all, which is why our club is structured with both mixed and women’s teams. The club is excited to announce that it is now open to sponsorship from local businesses for the 2022 season and onwards to support our continuing development into the best provider of Cricket for men, women and children within Essex.


Why Sponsor Us?

Here are three reasons why your business should sponsor Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club.

Increased Brand Awareness

We are looking for a brand that can align themselves with our own values of inclusivity and opportunity for all - regardless of age, ability, race or gender. We have a range of sponsorship deals available which will allow businesses to significantly increase their exposure within the community through our effective social networking channels and on physical assets.

Growing Network Connections  

We are looking for a brand that can unite with our growing community. Our club hosts social events on a monthly basis such as Cricket matches, beer festivals and national celebrations like Bonfire night which last year welcomed over 1,600 attendees! These dates draw a massive attraction from the local area and, with this major network of supporters, businesses have an outstanding opportunity to connect potential clients to the services that you can supply.

Future Development Plans

We are looking for a brand that can share our vision. Our goal is to establish a youth system in line with official ECB programmes such as Dynamos and All Stars Cricket. By accomplishing this we will provide a sustainable future for the community that depends on us. Your support will enhance our development, improving our facilities and equipment which in turn shall positively impact on the lives of our children, members and supporters for the better.


The Club Today

Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club is on the rise. In recent years we have entered into new territory  which has been ground-breaking for Cricket within Essex. At HPCC sport is for every individual which is why we are the only club within our area to host both Men and Women. Our mixed Saturday sides compete in the T-Rippon Mid Essex Cricket League with the 1st XI operating in Division Three and the 2nd XI participating in friendlies. On Sundays we contend in the North Division of the Warsop League which we were crowned undefeated champions of in 2021. During midweek we host two T20 teams, across both league and friendly fixtures, as well as a Ladies T20 XI that play on Friday evenings.



The club is extremely proud of our growing membership base across these six teams. Yet, we are not stopping here. Ten years from now we want to look back, with pride, on a successful youth system that we have established to introduce the next generation of Cricketers into our club. As a result of monumental current success Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club has now chosen to partner with SNAP Sponsorship. Through this association we aim to secure new sponsors, promote enduring business relations and connect our supporters to your essential services. To find out further information on our range of sponsorship opportunities please visit our SNAP Sponsorship profile or contact a club official directly. On behalf of everyone associated with Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club we would like to thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.  



Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club (1885-Present)

Hatfield Peverel Cricket Club has a proud history of providing sport to the local community. We have an extremely decorated past winning various league titles within the region. The club was crowned champions of the T-Rippon Mid Essex Premier Division in 1976, 2006 and 2009. In 2021 the club secured its first ever Warsop Sunday League title finishing undefeated in the North Division. To this date our proudest achievement is to provide Cricket for all in a safe and supportive environment with the sport played in the right spirit of the game.


Club Colours: 
Number of Pitches: 
1 - 2
Membership size: 
0 - 50
Average weekly attendance: 
0 - 50


Number of Players: 
50 - 100
Senior (6)
Age Band: 
All Working Age Adults
Under 18
Social demographics: 
B - Middle class


Car Park
Changing Rooms - Male
Tea / Dining Room