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Thai Boxing Community Centre

Why Thai Boxing Community Centre

A well established club since 2009, helping to support disadvantaged young people and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
A strong following of 23,000 on Instagram which we look to continue to grow.
Recognised by numerous corporations such as Sport England, Aviva and Sported.
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Unit 4- 44A Gloucester Road, Croydon , CR0 2DA
Croydon, UK London CR0 2DA
United Kingdom
London GB

About us:


Why Sponsor Us?

Established in 2009 our aim at Thai Boxing Community Centre is to positively serve the community by improving the health , fitness and self confidence of disadvantaged young people. Although we mainly focus on young people we also reach out to all ages under various projects throughout the year.

Our vision is to help community members, in particular the young, through martial arts to be sufficiently socially equipped and adjusted to fully contribute to society and to have respect for themselves and others.

We hold regular classes over six days every week which are available to the entire community. We are extremely proud of all our projects to date. As an established community gym we take great pride in helping to build stronger communities by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour among disadvantaged young people. We make a positive impact on the local community, especially at risk youths who without the right guidance and support may get involved with local gangs, violence, crime or substance abuse, homeless or suffer from mental illness.

At Thai Boxing Community Centre we believe that everyone can fulfil their potential if they have the opportunity, guidance, support, acceptance and a safe place in which to develop. We are extremely proud of how many of the young people who walk through our doors grow up to contribute positively to society.

We believe sponsorship for our community centre will deliver value based on marketing investment for financial return or for the love of the community centre.

Whatever your motivation, find out below. Thank you for visiting our profile.


Our diverse membership from ages 6- 75 means various age groups are open to brand exposure at our community centre. Our membership base offers various opportunities for numerous businesses due to our membership variety.


We currently have two branches operating in both the Croydon and Catford area reaching out to many members in the community with various projects through out the year. Projects are held at the community centre, some in partnership with various other established community led organisations and outdoor events which creates huge brand awareness opportunities for brands to be seen across numerous activities through the club.


We currently have over 20,000 followers on instagram and are looking to grow our facebook and twitter pages over the coming season whilst furthering our growth on instagram. Our website also has a strong presence on google searches for thaiboxing.

Our Community centre has a flexible approach to sponsorship with perks ranging from but not limited to :

-logo & link on social media post and website pages.

- Physical advertisement on club equipment and uniform.

- Opportunities to advertise at club events, to an audience wider than our existing membership base.

- invites to community projects / events

- Banners displayed at community centre

Alternative / supplementary perks can be arranged through negotiations dependant on level of sponsor commitment, budget and your business objectives.

We are committed to giving you and your company the exposure and promotion you deserve.  

Contact us now to find out more and explore what Thai Boxing Community Centre can offer.


We currently have a team of around 15 volunteers who support all our projects through out the year.


Due to the success in reaching out to the community in the croydon area since 2009 and with demand from community members to expand in the Lewisham borough we recently opened a second branch in Catford and are exited to see where this new venture takes us. Our aim is to further expand into other areas in London offering various thaiboxing and fitness activities to the community whilst developing more young people to join our team of volunteer's and creating more employment opportunities.


Thai Boxing Community Centre Since 2009 to present.

Formally based at the Day Lewis House in Thornton Heath and now in Gloucester Road Croydon & , the Thai Boxing Community Centre (TBCC) has been a cornerstone of the local community for over 10 years, helping our members to develop their fitness, mental and personal wellbeing, whilst instilling disciple within themselves and respect for others through the practice of Muay Thai( Thai Boxing)

Since 2009 we have been reaching out to the local community through a number of projects which have all been successful. Our community centre has become a second home, a hub and a sanctuary to many.

Muay Thai is an excellent way of promoting what TBCC aspires to achieve because of its holistic approach in disciplining, conditioning, building self-esteem and confidence in individuals. The importance of supporting each other is emphasised over competitiveness during sessions. Our ethos centres on being ‘a family’ to each other and to the community at large.