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Board Sponsor


January 2024
May 2024
Sponsorship Cost: 
£ 250

You will have your company's logo on a board displayed at the side of the pitch throughout the season. This will be visible to all members and visitors and will also appear in match day photography. Photos are regularly posted across our social media platforms, and those of our opponents. You will also be a match sponsor on the Milton Road match board for a week in the season and link to your website will feature on our regular newsletters.This exposure will, we believe, drive increased traffic to your site and we hope lead to further business for your firm.

Your investment in the club is crucial in helping to fund the purchase and maintenance of grounds materials and equipment, necessary for pitch preparations for training and fixtures. We are very proud of our ground, one of the finest in the county and the region, and a frequent choice for Oundle School and Northamptonshire games. Funding is also required for training equipment and the provision of coaching, the quality of which hugley benefits our talented cricketers and offers a draw to the club from aspiring young players around the area.