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4th team Sponsorship


March 2022
April 2023
Sponsorship Cost: 

Sponsor our 4th team throughout the 2021 season. our 4th team squad will all be supplied with a sticker of your company logo to place on their bats they use for each game. (logo to be supplied)

The Product 

  • Logo featured on our players bats
  • shoutouts on social media 
  • logo seen by opposition everytime our players bat

The Impact 

  • Funds will also go towards the production of new facilities of the club 
  • Help growth of the club
  • Straight back to the boys & girls within the club. 

The Process 

  • Find the opportunity you want
  • Notify your interest with the big yellow "CONNECT NOW" button at the right of the page and register on the SNAP portal
  • We'll agree a handshake deal (we can formalise with a contract if you so wish)
  • We'll send you details about how to pay
  • You send us your business' logo and any other information you want included 
  • The deal is complete! Let us do the rest…
  • Benefits include:
  • full season exposure

  • all teams we play against will see your logo on everyone's bats

  • picture opportunity with the side

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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