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Haringey Rhinos Ladies RFC - 1st Annual Summer 15s


September 2021
February 2022
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Haringey Rhino Ladies RFC are pleased to announce we will be launching a pre season annual Summer 15s event. 

With more and more ladies clubs entering our league, we are welcoming more women then ever to the sport we love. We have attended some events as a club, and really enjoyed them. 

We'd like to bring some of that passion home, to our house, and show North London how a Summer 15s Ladies event can be done! After there success last season, 3 teams moved up a league, and we have welcomed 4 new teams. This means we are welcoming at least 60+ women to the sport, and we'd love to get the preseason off to a friendly start and give everyone a chance to dust off the boots before league starts. 


We are looking for sponsorship to provide on the day refreshments, physio services, changing rooms and pitches. We'd also like to ensure that not only winners take home silver wear, but all participants can take home a small medal to say thanks for attending and being a part of something special. We would like this to be an annual event that all clubs look forward to, and that we can grow to include our junior boys, girls, and mens teams over the next few years. 

Everyone involved at the Rhinos are volunteers - from day helpers to coahces - and we're buzzing to get the event planned. 


What we can give you in return!

We'd happily offer up space on our home team kit, advertising space in our clubhouse, banners, and promotional bits before and for the day, all depending on how much you would like to invest in us. We have a good social media following, which we manage ourselves, and we'd be happy to talk about any other opprtunities in which we can help each other. 


Thanks for your time - and we really look forward to hearing from you soon!

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