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Pitch Side Advertising


September 2023
May 2024
Sponsorship Cost: 
£ 500

Kings FC are delighted to announce that we have an outstanding opportunity for a business to sponsor our official pitch side pop up boarding.

These all weather pop banners are an excellent way of advertising your business or services on matchdays:

- Your business logo appears on both sides for maximum reach, making it a better option than traditional fixed advertising boarding at some clubs

- These banners can be taken anywhere the team goes, home and away fixtures all across the county. A much greater opportunity to advertise your business!

- The banners can withstand all that the UK climate has to throw at it 

Through this arrangement our club will work with you to deliver considerable commercial value to your company, significantly increasing your brand awareness and facilitating information regarding your products, services and experiences to members of the public all across the county. 

Your business will also feature on our social media pages and website as a sponsor, and if you would like to, a photo with the manager so you can share on your own business media pages.

The Process

  1. Register your interest by selecting "CONNECT NOW" at the right of this page.
  2. We will agree a handshake deal (we can formalise this with a contract if you so wish).
  3. We will send you details regarding how to supply payment. 
  4. You will send us your business logo and any information you require to be included. 
  5. The deal is then complete. 
  • Benefits include:
  • Promotion of your business on physical club assets for all match days and training sessions

  • Promotion of your business on club website provided with brand logo, company description and direct access links to your personal webpage

  • Promotion of your business on club events throughout the year with personal invitations for client networking opportunities

  • Promotion of business via all club social media channels