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The Sports Bar Sponsorship


October 2021
October 2023
Sponsorship Cost: 

Welcome to THE SPORTS BAR!

The Sports Bar is an integral part of my streaming work - the place where I connect, engage and entertain my audiences directly, rather than through game play. It is the main area that people within the audience get to experience music, a feeling of togetherness and indeed where my Community grows and develops together.

400,000 (or 6,600+ Hours) viewed minutes of content since inception, and now moving at 75,000 to 80,000 minutes per month, with a goal to move this to 150,000 minutes per month by December 31st 2021

Although the Sports Bar is on screen for approximately 10% of the time I'm LIVE there is an outstanding space for your businesses logo - the Bar will be renamed, and it will be refered to by me consistently throughout the stream.

There will also be links running to sponsors as automated bot generated links every 15-30 minutes depending on investment

  • Benefits include:
  • Your Corporate Advert running on my screen

  • Logo Placement

  • Links To Your Product/Service

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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