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Player of the month


April 2022
April 2023
Sponsorship Cost: 

You will get brand exposure by us naming the award after your business for the season (i.e. The [name of your business] Player of the Month Award), as well as a photo opportunity to either present the award yourself to the winner, or us post the image on social media tagging your company for digital brand exposure. 

The PotM may be awarded for on pitch performance, off pich committments and/or other efforts around the club.

The prize on offer to the winners of the awards is a physical award/trophy retained by the club

The club is open to consider other proposed prizes.

Awards would be handed out during the following months of a regular season

Benefits include:

Logo and web-link on club website

Photo opportunity for award presentation posted across our website and social media feeds

Repeat posts of award winners with your business tagged in photos

Potential for physical advertising of your company services/product as prize

Potential for physical advertising through branding on PotM award


The process 

Find the opportunity you want

Notify your interest with the big yellow "CONNECT NOW" button at the right of the page and register on the SNAP portal

We'll agree a handshake deal (we can formalise with a contract if you so wish)

We'll send you details about how to pay

You send us your business' logo and any other information you want included 

The deal is complete! Let us do the rest…

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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