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Social Media Advert (Weekly)


April 2021
April 2022
Sponsorship Cost: 

We have made a huge effort to fully integrate with social media and are now enjoying a wealth of impressions across our website, facebook, twitter and instagram accounts. 

The club see it as cost effective way to reach the maximum amount of potential customers. 

See @longlevensrugby to see how our daily content is supporting our sponors

This opportunity will result in a bespoke advert for your brand that will be posted once a week on our social media platforms. Each week it could be the same advert, or ammended to promote a particular message or special offer. 

Here is proof on how we deliever on social media:

  • Annual reach on Facebook – circa 289,700 (individual Facebook users presented with a LRFC post)
  • Facebook page likes/followers – 562 (currently)
  • Annual Twitter impressions – circa 563,500 (total number of times LRFC twitter posts have been seen)
  • Twitter followers – 1,102 (currently)

As a sponsor you can also enjoy:

The use of club's facilities subject to availability

Complimentary invitations to any major matches or events in the country at which the club is represented

The opportunity to commission and present special named awards

Option to apply for International Tickets

This Opportunity will be available to Sponsor once registered.

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