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Beachcomber Tours have been warming the hearts and minds of GRFC members over the past two seasons. SNAP are delighted to work with Mark, Jo and the team at Beachcomber, delivering direct access to a targeted audience in a unique and engaging way. Coffee mornings, open fires and muddy boots at GRFC have set the scene at Broadwater Pavilion for members to let their minds wander to the sandy beaches and warm water that beachcombers holidays provide.


When we initially met with Beachcomber at their office in Guildford, their interest and objective was to promote to, and engaging with, local families of the right demographic. This was a perfect fit for a well executed sponsorship activation at the rugby club!


Beachcomber Tours sponsorship allowed them to advertise holidays on a Rijo digital coffee machine in the rugby clubhouse. The luxury travel paired with the luxury coffee!

This sponsorship allowed Beachcomber to remain front of mind for decision makers within local families when they had a coffee in the clubhouse on a Sunday morning, whilst their children were out in the cold training!


We took this concept one step further, and launched Beachcomber Coffee Mornings at the club. Beachcomber offered complimentary coffee to parents on the morning of a joint training session with fellow Surrey clubs, brought down some of their brochures and took the time to chat to parents answering their question about everything from ‘winter sun’ to ‘flights’, ‘suncream’ to ‘ice cream’


These mornings have been a great success for beachcomber – promoting their brand to their perfect audience and receiving holiday bookings from members at the club!

The club not only benefited from sponsorship investment and a brand new luxury coffee machine (which I must say tastes amazing!) but some of the members received brilliant holiday packages and a first class experience on their holidays with Beachcomber!

Another great win/win partnership and we looking forward to continuing working with Beachcomber in the future!

What the members have to say:

“We have travelled with Beachcomber before and have booked again on an all inclusive holiday this year. The hotels and service are first class and would recommend all GRFC members to check out Beachcomber before booking their holiday”

(Simon Rhodes, GRFC member)