What's happening at SNAP? What are clubs and businesses achieving with sponsorship? More about the world of sponsorship.......

Are you struggling to keep track of current sponsorships?

Lacking funds for new equipment?

Postponing clubhouse refurbishments?

Utilising sponsorship at your club can secure more revenue. SNAP's unique sponsorship portal allows clubs to effectively manage existing sponsors at no extra cost. The tool gives clubs the benefit of greater visibility on all sponsorship deals. Gone are the days of having a sponsorship deal expire and scrambling to get the renewal or find an alternative. SNAP’s management system notifies users when deals are coming to an end to put clubs in greater control of their sponsorships.

Furthermore the portal provides your club with a 'shop window' to display your sponsorship opportunities. This online brochure can then be passed on to your contacts and other organisations looking to sponsor mass participation rugby clubs.

Realise your club's goals with SNAP.