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Dyce RFC

In this instalment of rugby club case studies, we will be looking at Dyce RFC, an Aberdeen based club. Dyce RFC have managed to grow their sponsorship income by a whopping 400% through exploiting their SNAP profile!

Dyce RFC is a small club, based just outside Aberdeen. The club has a long history, being founded in 1983, but remains at the forefront of the community as it enables families, friends, and supporters a place to socialise. Their grounds consist of a leased full-size grass pitch, a shipping container as storage & their local pub, The New Greentrees as their clubhouse. However, their lack of infrastructure does not set them back as they are committed to monetising their existing assets.

Even though Dyce RFC is a relatively small grassroots rugby club, they are still extremely attractive to sponsors as they have strong community opportunities in addition to both tangible & intangible assets. When attracting new sponsors, Phil Horsfall added...

“We are committed to giving you and your company the exposure and promotion you deserve. We recognise that without your support many of our lads would not be enjoying their rugby at the weekend!”




We wanted to show you some examples of clubs that have used social media to great effect...

Dyce RFC is a relatively small club with around 100 members, but they know what their value is to a local business.

They did simple calculations to show what value their membership could be to a potential sponsor. Dyce calculated that out of their 100 members, half may drive to the matches and training, so that’s 50 cars. All of those 50 cars will need MOT’s at some point in a year, and if 20% of those cars fail then remedial work would be carried out at an average of £100 per failure.

50xMOT (average £45) = £2250 per year

10xRemedial work (average £100) = £1000 per year

Total revenue = £3250 per year

In this example they tagged all of the local car garages and showed them what potential there was to the business by sponsoring a player at the club.


Dyce RFC have fully engaged with their SNAP profile using the management system to effectively renew many of their pre-existing sponsors. They have been able to add sponsorship activations and tasks for their various sponsorship deals and maintain contact with their sponsors. 

In addition, the club has secured two new sponsorship deals through SNAP and have used their profile to attract new local sponsorship interest. Companies such as InterMoor, John Williamson Group and The New Greentrees have contributed to Dyce’s increase in sponsorship!

Phil posted on social media: "[Dyce RFC] has boosted its sponsorship income by more than 400% in a single year after partnering with [SNAP Sponsorship]”

Dyce’s story demonstrates that any club of any size can increase their sponsorship income. This means sponsorship is versatile as long as there are creative activations that engage and have meaningful value with potential consumers, therefore, ensuring that it is attractive for the business to sponsor.


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