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What's happening at SNAP? What are clubs and businesses achieving with sponsorship? More about the world of sponsorship.......

1) Saving Time, Resource and Money: 

As grassroots sports volunteers or amateur athletes, your time is precious. You most likely have a 9-5 and whilst sponsorship should be a priority as it provides vital revenue to help the progression of your sport, it often gets put to one side. 

The SNAP Platform provides a one-stop-shop for all your sponsorship needs by providing a digitalised, professional looking sponsorship profile, allowing sponsors to be instantly attracted to your offering whilst cutting down the need for print and paper, saving not only your wallet, but the environment too.

The SNAP Platform is a sponsorship education, management, listing and sharing service, giving you all the tools you need to find, secure and manage sponsors in a more streamlined manner. Be gone with spreadsheets, black-books, social media tools and CRM systems and do it all in one place: SNAP.

2) Professionalising your approach to sponsorship: 

As passionate grassroots sports volunteers or athletes, we have a tremendous amount of love and dedication to our sport. Therefore, we want to show our sports group or ourselves in the best possible light to potential sponsors. 

One of the barriers to getting started in approaching sponsors is thinking of the words to write. That's why SNAP now build all our users profiles - with help from you for your specific assets and opportunities.

What’s more, SNAP’s Social Sharing Tool generates social posts, with sales wording, at the touch of a button. Meaning you can be confident in communicating your sponsorship opportunities with any business!

3) Social Sharing Tool:

Speaking of SNAP’s Social Sharing Tool, this is perhaps the most powerful tool in SNAP’s functionality for helping you secure additional sponsorship. Our Social Sharing Tool allows you to post and schedule (on a one time or recurring basis) to multiple social channels at the touch of the button. You can announce your presence on SNAP, promote your sponsorship opportunities and thank your sponsors all through the same tool. And, as mentioned above, our tool thinks of all the words for you! 

Comparative software costs a minimum of £39 pcm, restricts usership and doesn’t provide any text to help you sell your sponsorship. We on the other hand give you access to all of the tools and functionality within the system, for as many users as you would like for £9 pcm, or discounted further if you use the discount code from your County FA.

SNAP social sharing tool 

4) Sponsorship Management

After you’ve successfully sold some sponsorship after promoting your opportunities, SNAP doesn’t leave you in the dark. SNAP has a whole host of tools, expertise and resources to help you manage your new sponsorship relationships and make sure your sponsors are happy. 

From task management tools to best practise articles, from renewal prompts to weekly webinars - SNAP has you covered. 

What’s more: SNAP allows you to have UNLIMITED USERS ON YOUR ACCOUNT AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Therefore, anyone who might play a part in sponsorship at your sports group can help out whenever they need too. 

Our Deals Requiring Your Attention section sends you prompts 3 months before renewals and warns you about upcoming activations, meaning you and the rest of the committee never miss a beat!


SNAP library

5) Reporting

Picture this: It’s 7pm, you step off the train into the pouring rain and prepare yourself for the Thursday Evening committee meeting when you realise…… “I’ve forgotten to put together the sponsorship report”... 

What if: there was a way to find all your sponsorship deals in one place, filter through to find the ones you want to see, then export all the details to pdf. or csv. to email round ahead of the committee meeting? 

Well, now there is, The SNAP Platform.

Snap Sponsorship Report

If you are ready to take the future of your sports group into your hands, join our next webinar by clicking this link. 

Alternatively, if you just want to get started, you can sign up here. Our £295 onboarding fee covers the build of your professional profile, built by our experienced Account Managers who know how to portray your club in the best way possible. We strive for maximum success with all of our clubs, hence building profiles for you.

Through our partnership with your County FA or league, you can access the SNAP platform at a reduced fee of £8.25 pcm (12 months for the price of 11) when purchasing a yearly subscription! There’s no commission on sponsorship secured.

Please see a list of our partners in football below to find your code:


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